The Business of Social Networks

The Business of Facebook Likes

The unbelievable success of the social network Facebook is truly remarkable. This company has become a global force in both business and personal lives. The numbers are astounding too. The over 1 billion Users – nearly three quarters of whom are active on a daily basis. The amount of time spent on the site per User both weekly and daily is beyond belief. Talk about a targeted audience. And the seemingly never ending exhortation to “likes us” on Facebook is everywhere. Brands are looking to get loyalty and top-of-mind on Facebook, and likes are the metric that most look to for validation of the effectiveness of both their campaign and of their brand in general. Facebook itself offers ads to help firms and groups grow their likes and you can even buy Facebook likes to give the appearance of popularity. Clearly, a Facebook like is a highly sought after iterm, one the provides affirmation of one’s social presence.

Facebook Likes are Important

So it is evident that the business of Facebook is entwined with the business of obtaining Facebook likes. That is the first step in conquering the Facebook business riddle. But, of course, not the last step. Likes are good, but you must have an engaging Facebook Fan Page to keep your visitors engaged – and to keep them coming back to the Page to see it updated and check out what’s on the wall and all the other things that visitors look to. It is keenly smart to have ongoing promotions on you Fan Page that are not only associated with the brand (and brand awareness and brand loyalty is really what anyone is looking for) but to drive the visitors (the audience, as it were) to your primary website. Having Facebook promotions are good, but it is very easy for Facebook Users to quickly move on to the next Facebook Page they follow if they are not deeply involved. With a website, you hope you give them enough web page options to keep them on your site, even if they aren’t staying on a single page the entire visit.

Indeed, the essence of the entire proposition here for businesses as it relates to Facebook is one of two things (or in some cases – both). For those with brand presence or one that needs to establish that presence, a Fan Page with lots of brand related videos, images and brief, but to the point, posts are key. Others might need their visitors to respond to a call-to-action such as make a purchase or visit a sales page or sign-up for a newsletter or something to get their email address. You will need to cross market by media – that is images, posts and video to get your point accross.

Sounds complicated – and it is. But Facebook is so pervasive, and so competitive, that there are no other options. A coherent business approach to how you use Facebook to market and promote your business or brand is simply a necessity.

This recorded webinar on how to market using Facebook is a very good primer on the steps to take. It is a little long, but it is a worthwhile watch as this is such an important social platform to establish a presence.

Twitter Followers Business Plan

It is readily apparent that the primary social network for quick messaging is Twitter. Despite its 140 character limit to its messages, the world has bought into this concept of a microblog and embraced it. So much so, that you can even buy cheap twitter followers to increase the size of your audience – that is how much people want to use and appear to be popular on this dynamic social platform. And for marketing there simply is no better way to message notices about your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Twitter Followers are your audience

Having a presence on Twitter – that is showing strong social signals from Twitter – is simply a necessity in today‚Äôs world of marketing. How does one market effectively with such a short limit on the number of characters in a message? Not as hard as you might think – and with today’s audience having short attention spans and a lot of other places to visit or see online using either on their home computer (PC or laptop) or on their mobile devices (e.g. their smartphones or tablets). You have to grab the attention of your audience (that is, in the case of Twitter, your Twitter Followers). Be brief and interesting and don’t just focus on yourself or your business. Connect, but don’t over do it. Your followers don’t want to hear from you ten times in a day, and they don’t want to hear about you doing your laundry either.

Here is a video that does a good job of outlining a Twitter marketing campaign (think – I am selling to my Twitter Followers, what do they want to hear from me?). Take a look, and maybe take a few notes as well.

Interesting information and something that you can store away for periodic reference down the road as you embark on your successful Twitter business campaign. These days, everyone is on it, so you should join in and strengthen your presence on Twitter. You will find that you will get peripheral benefits as well – such as more activity on your other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. If you don’t have an audience yet, the buying twitter followers initially will make perfect business sense. Gotta get the audience and get started!

Doing Business with Instagram Followers

Of course the other social network with followers is Instagram – which is owned by the goliath of all social sites – Facebook. These followers are not so much your audience as your viewers and curators of your images. But a picture is worth a thousand words, so Instagram Followers are very important as images are far more impressionable on people than words – and by that we mean lasting in the mind’s eye. So as with other social media followers, people will buy instagram followers so that their images – and thus their brand, gets noticed. And the ironic thing is that this method actually leads to the Instagram Page getting more organic followers. Afterall, people like to be associated with winners, so when they see something that appears popular, they want to join in. Makes sense, and interestingly, people have been using this concept to sell things since the dawn of civilization.

So for business, you need to know how to use and market to this social media platform called Instagram. This video will give you some very good ideas and concepts to help you get started and implement something that will work: